About us at Takeaway Web Design

Hi my name is Robert Tew, and I'm the web developer here at takeawaywebdesign.com.
I created this service for all types of takeaways who want a simple website with an online ordering capability for their customers.

One that's easy for you to manage, and one that your customers will love.

I had the idea when I discovered the big online food portals were charging around 15% per order,
I thought that I could offer a service that is similar at a considerably less cost.

If you live in a big city perhaps these services will help you find new customers, but what I found is most of your customers already know who and where you are, they just want a more convenient way of ordering with you.

Picture the scene, they're at home fancying a takeaway but they don't have any cash in the house! This is where, an online payment system can be of great value to you, they go to your website, place an order and pay online by card direct to your PayPal account.

Happy customer and happy takeaway owner!

So, If you think this service might be for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

All the best,
Robert Tew

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